Stainless steel is at the core of our destiny.

$200 million annual impact. 250,000 tonne output. long product champions. $200 million annual impact. 250,000 tonne output.

01. Stainless Steel Billets.

Billets are the byproducts of the second stage of steel bar processing. Synergy billets are accurate and meet industrial standards.

02. Stainless Wire Rods.

Wire rods are produced from steel billets. The billets are hot rolled and become coils upon cooling. An automatic thickness control system is guaranteed and our wire rods have dimensional accuracy.

03. Stainless Fine Wires.

Fine wires have a shiny appearance and are corrosion-resistant. They can be as thin as 0.05mm in diameter.

04. Stainless Flats.

Flats are rectangular-shaped flat steel pieces. It can be available with a high carbon content or a stainless version with chromium. Our steel flats are very durable.

05. Stainless Round Bars.

Round bars are long and cylindrical with a shiny surface. They can be available as either hot rolled or cold rolled, an alloy, stainless steel, brass and more. Our round bars have dimensional accuracy.

06. Stainless Bright Bars.

Bright bars are so named for their lustrous appearance. They are cold-processed steel bars with a higher tolerance and a very precise structure.

Our steel grade making capability reflects our metallurgical mastery.

Meeting and surpassing quality benchmarks time after time.


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